All Will Change

by Achenar

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This debut album combines the traditional and the contemporary, the harsh and the beautiful, subtlety and bludgeon, wielding them within a variety of compositional forms. Sounds used range from conventional instruments to painstakingly crafted electronics to captured natural sounds, all combined with a suitably diverse array of vocals.

The end result is a diverse, unique, yet cohesive musical journey. One that does not so much break genre boundaries, as ignore their existence altogether.


released September 21, 2007

Duncan Hemingway - Everything




Achenar Aviemore, UK

Based in Aviemore, in the Highlands of Scotland, Achenar was formed in 2003 by sole member, Duncan Hemingway. Not tied down to any particular style, inspiration is taken from a wide variety of influences. Genre restrictions are ignored while using whatever various elements are appropriate for the music, which is often a combination of traditional organic instruments with modern electronic sounds. ... more

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Track Name: Survive Yourself
The Irony Of Your Regeneration
From The Essence Of The Dead Unborn

You Need Not End
Until You Choose

Can One Tire Of Life?

With This Fluid Youth
Would You Stay Forever Young
For Innocence Is The Enemy Of Progress
Languished Time Grows Stale Unless Earned

Why Reproduce Yourself
When You Control Evolution's Pace
We May Halt The Unnatural Degradation
But Perhaps The Lizard Will Grow Back Its Tail
Track Name: The Suicide Of Giants
Biting The Hands That Feed Your Tail To Your Mouth
Ingest Your Self Excreted World
Choke On Your Regurgitation

Your Disused Eyes Have Grown Dim
They Focus Not On The Mirror
Reflecting Traffic Turning To The Side
Down One Way Streets

They Flee To Open Grateful Arms
In A World Where Your Will
Neither Applies Nor Makes Sense

It's Repeating On You
We're Overtaking You

The Flock Must Compromise
And Streamline
The Profit From The Few
Worth More Than The Many

The Loss Will Be Small
If You Control And Are All
No Conflict Of Interest
We Are Sole Access

It's Repeating On You
We're Overtaking You

So Forge Ahead To Where You Make Yourself Welcome
And Swallow Your Lies, We Can See Them Through You

Your Current Fill Will Have To Suffice
You've Burst Your Stomach From A Lack Of Spice

Your Innards Hang Out For All To Witness
The Self Serving Organs Are Laid Bare

You've Lost Your Limbs, Wyrm
And These Hands Feed You Not
Track Name: Pocket Quantum
Were You There?
You Weren't There
Your Presence Was Not Invoked
That Leaves Your Acts Open
You Can Will Out
Track Name: Verify Me
I Won't Allow You To Feel
I Will Mute Your Pleasure
I Will Frustrate You
Until You Satisfy Me

For I Know What You Want
I'm Only Waiting For You

Admit It
Act On It

I Can Wait Forever
Though I May Destroy You
If You Don't Achieve What I/We
Want, Nay, Need

If And When You Satiate Me
I Will Return Your Life To You
And Amplify It Beyond What You've Known

I Am Self Condemnation
Since We Are One
I Will Not Rest
Until I See You Succeed
Track Name: Re-enervate
You've Been Ordered To Tear Down This Wall
By Those Who Helped Set You In Power
Here By The Grace Of These People
Who Invited You Into Their Home
To The Proclaimed Mutual Benefit Of All

Yet You've Fenced Yourself Off
Shown It's Us And Them
Reneged On Good Will
And Lied To Them All

Deception, Deceit, Dishonesty
All Carefully Concealed
Under Your Damned Sight

With The Promise Of Pure Progress
We All Buy Right In
To What Consolidates Established
Profit And Power

Yet Your Airs Of Community
Are Soon Blown Apart
By A Controlled Detonation
Of Reality

We, The People
Divided By Zeros
United By One
Track Name: Let Us Help You
Do The World A Favour
Destroy Your Own
Keep It In The Family

These Words Are From Those
Who Care Not For You Or Your Kind
Abuse For Amusement Or Profit
Intimidation By Force
Faux Friendship

I Wave In Disgust As The Anti-Human Bandwagon Trundles By
Yet I Still Feel Travel-Sick From Having To Suffer You

Peer Pressure
Fucked-Up Childhood

I Don't Care

Let Us Help You
Or Do The World A Favour
Destroy Your Own
Keep It In The Family
Track Name: Avalanche Of Fire
You Engrave Your Own Fossil
When The Blood You Push
Sprays Back In Your Face

Watch It Flow Through Your Fingers

The Sound And Fury Arrive
Tracing The Signature
Pray You've Struck Deep Enough
That You're Beyond Haunting

The Self Prophets Have Foretold Their Success
Yet Upon Your Heads These Men Will Rain Fire

Men, Open Wide Your Arms
And Receive Your Blessings
From The Children
Track Name: With Conviction
Doubt Him
Doubt The Sincerity
Of The Emotion

Is It So Alien?

Recognise The Negative In You
Ignoring It's Existence
Gives You But Half The Truth

Incorporate And Advance